Status and Promising Directions for Field Reversed Configuration Research

June 8, 9 1999

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

hosted by S.C. Jardin and M. Yamada



The purpose of this workshop is to critically examine the status of the theory of the stability of the Field Reversed Configuration, to compare this with past experimental observations, and to identify promising areas for near term theoretical and future experimental investigations.  

-- topics -- 

  1. Summary of experimental results pertaining to FRC stability
  2. Status of FRC stability predictions for MHD with flow and kinetic effects
  3. Relation between possible "FRC minimum energy states" and stability
  4. Benchmarking of 3D FRC stability codes
  5. Promising directions for theory and future experimental investigations
  6. Minimum stability requirements for a FRC based fusion power plant

Email and if you are interested in attending this workshop and if you are planning to give a presentation related to one of the above topics.  

Confirmed Participants as of May 21 ,1999