Common Lisp Extensions. Node: Installation

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2.3: Installation

Installation of the CL package is simple: Just put the byte-compiled files `cl.elc', `cl-extra.elc', `cl-seq.elc', `cl-macs.elc', and `cl-compat.elc' into a directory on your load-path.

There are no special requirements to compile this package: The files do not have to be loaded before they are compiled, nor do they need to be compiled in any particular order.

You may choose to put the files into your main `lisp/' directory, replacing the original `cl.el' file there. Or, you could put them into a directory that comes before `lisp/' on your load-path so that the old `cl.el' is effectively hidden.

Also, format the `cl.texinfo' file and put the resulting Info files in the `info/' directory or another suitable place.

You may instead wish to leave this package's components all in their own directory, and then add this directory to your load-path and (Emacs 19 only) Info-directory-list. Add the directory to the front of the list so the old CL package and its documentation are hidden.

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