Gnus Manual. Node: Buttons

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8.10: Buttons

Those new-fangled mouse contraptions is very popular with the young, hep kids who don't want to learn the proper way to do things these days. Why, I remember way back in the summer of '89, when I was using Emacs on a Tops 20 system. Three hundred users on one single machine, and every user was running Simula compilers. Bah!


Well, you can make Gnus display bufferfuls of buttons you can click to do anything by setting gnus-carpal to t. Pretty simple, really. Tell the chiropractor I sent you.


Hook run in all carpal mode buffers.


Face used on buttons.


Face used on carpal buffer headers.


Buttons in the group buffer.


Buttons in the summary buffer.


Buttons in the server buffer.


Buttons in the browse buffer.

All the buttons variables are lists. The elements in these list are either cons cells where the car contains a text to be displayed and the cdr contains a function symbol, or a simple string.

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