Gnus Manual. Node: Customizing Articles

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4.3: Customizing Articles

The gnus-article-display-hook is called after the article has been inserted into the article buffer. It is meant to handle all treatment of the article before it is displayed.

By default this hook just contains gnus-article-maybe-hide-headers, gnus-hide-boring-headers, gnus-article-treat-overstrike, and gnus-article-maybe-highlight (and under XEmacs, gnus-article-display-x-face), but there are thousands, nay millions, of functions you can put in this hook. For an overview of functions see Article Highlighting, see Article Hiding, see Article Washing, see Article Buttons and see Article Date. Note that the order of functions in this hook might affect things, so you may have to fiddle a bit to get the desired results.

You can, of course, write your own functions. The functions are called from the article buffer, and you can do anything you like, pretty much. There is no information that you have to keep in the buffer---you can change everything. However, you shouldn't delete any headers. Instead make them invisible if you want to make them go away.

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