Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Accounts

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2.2: Getting an Account

For an account on the Unix Cluster, contact Lena Scimeca (x2833, E-mail: She will need to know (1) your full name, (2) your prefered username, and (3) whether you already have an account on NERSC (and if so, what your username is there).

Your username is limited to 8 characters. By default, the choice of username is your first initial and last name; however, if that is more than 8 characters, or if you already have accounts under another username, you may want to choose another username (such as your last name only or just your initials).

To get an account on the VAXes, CCF, or the NERSC computers, contact: Robert Reed (office: C-Site, PPLCC; Tel: 609-243-3444; E-mail: He will provide you with all the forms you need---they will require quite a few signatures which you will have to collect.

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