Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Customizing

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3.5: Customizing X

Now that you're feeling more comfortable with X, there are four text files in your home directory that you can modify to customize your environment (see XStart). The two that will be briefly discussed here are `.xsession' and `.twmrc', both of which are initialization files. Any changes to these files will show up the next time you log on or if you run the `Re-read .twmrc' option in your `Window Opsl' menu (assuming it's set up).

The `.xsession' file starts your initial windows. Listed in the file will be such things as which clients (such as xclock and xbiff), will automatically be started with your X-Windows session. This file can be edited by bringing up `~/.xsession' in Emacs. The commands used will be the same as those used in your `.twmrc' file.

Your twm initialization file can be edited by bringing up the file `~/.twmrc'. The file will be divided into sections, each dealing with such specific details as the geometry and colors of your xterm windows, the settings for the mouse button commands (see Buttons), which clients, icons, and icon managers will be shown, and what programs will be listed in your mouse button menus. (For more complete information about the commands and syntax used in the file, see Top.) Some of the more useful X programs (such as xnetload) can be found in the directory `/usr/X11R6/bin'.

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