Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Macsyma

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9.1: Macsyma (Sun Only)

Macsyma is an interactive symbolic, numerical and graphical mathematical problem solving tool. It offers symbolic and numeric manipulation and solution capabilities in algebra, calculus and numerical analysis; 2D and 3D report-quality graphics; interfaces with mathematical text processors; and a user programming enviroment.

We have three versions of Macsyma on the Unix Cluster. Macsyma version 418 runs on all SUNs except that we have only one license; only one person can use it at a time. An older version 417 is installed on suntsu. Another version is the DOE version called 'maxima' which runs on all SUNs.

To run Macsyma version 418, type:


A Macsyma window opens on the screen. On the title bar, there are 11 menus which provide all the operations offered. Click and drag to the one you want and a second window will open to give you more choice as well as examples for demomstration. There is a help menu which gives instructions on how to use Macsyma.

To exit Macsyma, type:


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