Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Modes

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Major and Minor Modes

Emacs has many different major modes, each of which customizes Emacs for editing text of a particular sort. Major modes are mutually exclusive---each buffer can have only one major mode at a time. Usually Emacs determines which mode to use based on the file name or some text in the file. To explicitly select a new mode type META-x modename-mode. The following is a listing of most of the major modes:

Minor modes are options which you may use to customize your editing environment. All minor modes are independent of each other and the selected major mode. As with the major modes, type META-x modename-mode to toggle a minor mode. The following is a list of minor modes:

The file `~/.emacs' is another customization file located in your home directory which allows you to tailor your working environment. In it you can set default modes, associate commands with preferred keys, and other features designed to make life easier. Again, refer to the GNU Emacs Manual for more detailed information.

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