Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Read News

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Read and Post News

To invoke the news uitlity of Emacs, type M-x gnus in the Emacs window. A list of newsgroups will appear in the text window and some instructions will be shown in the echo area. Move the cursor to the newsgroup you wish to read and then type a space SPC. The window will split into two parts. The upper portion contains the directory of this newsgroup and the lower portion displays the contents of the selected news item. Again you can move the cursor and type SPC to select and read a particular news article. When you finished reading one newsgroup, type q to go back to the newsgroup window. Type q again to quit the news reading session.

To post news, type a in the newsgroup window. A question will appear in the echo area of the window. Suppose you want to post a news message 'Test' in news group 'pppl.test'. Give a y answer.

Are sure you want to post to all USENET? (y or n) y

Following this, answer few more questions in the echo area.

       Newsgroup: pppl.test RET
       Newsgroup: RET
       Distribution: pppl RET
       Subject: Test RET

An article window will open. After entering in the news message, type C-c C-c to send out the news. Use q to exit the session.

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