Introduction to the Unix Cluster. Node: Texinfo

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8.6: Printing TeXinfo Documents

Most of our TeXinfo documents are in the directory `/usr/doc/texinfo'. TeXinfo files are treated the same way as normal TeX and LaTeX files---to read them, you need to copy them from `../texinfo' to your home directory, i.e.:

        [lyman|18] cd /usr/doc/texinfo 
        [lyman|19] cp gzip.texi ~
        [lyman|20] cd

Once you have the file, turn it into a DVI file with the command gmake (i.e. gmake gzip.dvi). If this gives an error message because additional files are needed that haven't been copied, retry the command with the addition:

    env TEXINPUTS=/usr/doc/texinfo:${TEXINFO} gmake gzip.texi

This allows the computer to search for the necessary files(s) in the appropriate place. Once you have the DVI file, read it on screen with xdvi or print it out with lpr -d.

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