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9.4: Politics

Cryptography in general, PGP in particular, and free software are politically somewhat controversial topics. Heck, in the U.S. Congress, freedom of speech is a controversial topic. Anyway, here are some organizations you should definitely watch and preferably send lots of money.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF (`') works to protect civil liberties in cyberspace. They also maintain an impressive collection of on-line resources. If you like Mailcrypt so much that you wish you had paid for it, this is the number one place we would want to see your money go. The EFF newsgroups, `' and `', are required reading for the well-informed.

The League for Programming Freedom

The LPF (`') works to fight software patents, which threaten to make free software like Mailcrypt impossible.

The Center for Democracy and Technology

The CDT (`') has essentially the same goals as the EFF, but is more of a lobbying group.

Mailcrypt's remailer support was inspired by the Communications Decency Act of 1995 (see `') and by the International "Church" of Scientology (see `').

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