Maxima Manual. Node: Definitions for Help


29.5: Definitions for Help

Function: DEMO (file)
this is the same as BATCH but pauses after each command line and continues when a space is typed. In NIL macsyma, DEMO does file searching like BATCH does, and in addition searches for files on the [DEMO] directory in the Macsyma directory hierarchy, and also for files with extensions of .DEM, .DM1, and .DM2 in addition to .MAC. This is to make it easier to run demo files which come supplied with NIL macsyma, which are named things like MAX$DISK:[DEMO]MAT.DEM.
Function: DESCRIBE (cmd)
prints out information about "cmd", which may be any MACSYMA command, switch or variable. Certain key words have also been included, where they seem appropriate, thus DESCRIBE(TRIG); will print out a list of the trig functions implemented in MACSYMA. Some function names or operators may require quotation marks around them, e.g. DESCRIBE("DO"); or DESCRIBE(".");. See also APROPOS(string) which allows you to locate command names even if you aren't sure of the full name. Do DESCRIBE(APROPOS); for details.
Function: EXAMPLE (command)
will start up a demonstration of how command works on some expressions. After each command line it will pause and wait for a space to be typed, as in the DEMO command.