Message 5.7 Manual. Node: Forwarding

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1.8: Forwarding

The message-forward command pops up a message buffer to forward the message in the current buffer. If given a prefix, forward using news.


Delimiter inserted before forwarded messages. The default is
`------- Start of forwarded message -------\n'.


Delimiter inserted after forwarded messages. The default is
`------- End of forwarded message -------\n'.


If this variable is t, which it is by default, your personal signature will be inserted before the forwarded message. If not, the forwarded message will be inserted first in the new mail.


Regexp matching header lines to be included in forwarded messages.


A list of functions that are called to generate a subject header for forwarded messages. The subject generated by the previous function is passed into each successive function.

The provided functions are:


Source of article (author or newsgroup), in brackets followed by the subject.


Subject of article with `Fwd:' prepended to it.


If this variable is t, the subjects of forwarded messages have the evidence of previous forwards (such as `Fwd:', `Re:', `(fwd)') removed before the new subject is constructed. The default value is nil.

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