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Appendix C: Changes to mh-e

mh-e had a fairly major facelift between Versions 3 and 4. The differences between Versions 4 and 5 from the user's viewpoint are relatively minor. The prompting order for the folder and message number in a couple of functions had been switched inadvertently in Version 4. Version 5 switches the order back. The `+inbox' folder is no longer hard-coded, but rather uses the `Inbox' MH Profile entry. See the file `etc/MH-E-NEWS' in the Emacs distribution for more details on the changes.

This section documents the changes between Version 3 and newer versions so that you'll know which commands to use (or which commands you won't have) in case you're stuck with an old version.

The following tables summarize the changes to buffer names, commands and variables.

Buffer Mode Names

Version 3           Version 4

mh-e folder        MH-Folder
mh-e scan          MH-Folder
mh-e show          MH-Folder Show
Fundamental        MH-Show
mh-e letter        MH-Letter
mh-e letter        MH-Pick


           Version 3                        Version 4

Function               Command   Command          Function

mh-first-msg           <          M-<               mh-first-msg
-                      -          M->               mh-last-msg
mh-show                .          RET               mh-show
-                      -          ,                 mh-header-display
mh-reply               a          r                 mh-reply
mh-redistribute        r          M-d               mh-redistribute
mh-unshar-msg          -          M-n               mh-store-msg
mh-write-msg-to-file   M-o        C-o               mh-write-msg-to-file
mh-delete-msg-from-seq C-u M-%    M-#               mh-delete-seq
-                      -          M-q               mh-list-sequences
mh-quit                b          q                 mh-quit
-                      -          C-C C-f C-r       mh-to-field (`From:')
-                      -          C-C C-f C-d       mh-to-field (`Dcc:')


          Version 3                           Version 4

Variable              Value             Value           Variable

mh-show-buffer-      "{%%b}  %s/%d"    "{show-%s} %d"  mh-show-buffer-
mode-line-buffer-id                                    mode-line-buffer-id
mh-unshar-default-   ""                nil             mh-store-default-
directory                                              directory

New Variables

mail-citation-hook                           mh-new-draft-cleaned-headers
mail-header-separator                        mh-pick-mode-hook
mh-auto-folder-collect                       mh-refile-msg-hook
mh-comp-formfile                             mh-scan-prog
mh-repl-formfile                             mh-send-prog
mh-delete-msg-hook                           mh-show-hook
mh-forward-subject-format                    mh-show-mode-hook
mh-inc-prog                                  mh-signature-file-name
mh-mime-content-types                        mh-sortm-args
mh-default-folder-for-message-function       mh-repl-formfile
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