mh-e. Node: Finishing Up

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2.4.6: Finishing Up

If you've deleted a message or refiled it, but changed your mind, you can cancel the action before you've executed it. Use u (mh-undo) to undo a refile on or deletion of a single message. You can also undo refiles and deletes for messages that belong to a given sequence by specifying a prefix argument. You'll be prompted for the name of the sequence (as in C-u u frombob RET). Alternatively, you can use M-u (mh-undo-folder) to undo all refiles or deletes in the current folder.

If you've marked messages to be deleted or refiled and you want to go ahead and delete or refile the messages, use x (mh-execute-commands). Many mh-e commands that may affect the numbering of the messages (such as M-r or M-p) will ask if you want to process refiles or deletes first and then either run x for you or undo the pending refiles and deletes, which are lost.

When you want to quit using mh-e and go back to editing, you can use the q (mh-quit) command. This buries the buffers of the current mh-e folder and restores the buffers that were present when you first ran M-x mh-rmail. You can later restore your mh-e session by selecting the `+inbox' buffer or by running M-x mh-rmail again.

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