mh-e. Node: Old Drafts

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2.2.4: Editing Old Drafts and Bounced Messages

If you don't complete a draft for one reason or another, and if the draft buffer is no longer available, you can pick your draft up again with M-a (mh-edit-again). If you don't use a draft folder, your last `draft' file will be used. If you use draft folders, you'll need to visit the draft folder with M-f drafts RET, use n to move to the appropriate message, and then use M-a to prepare the message for editing.

The M-a command can also be used to take messages that were sent to you and to send them to more people.

Don't use M-a to re-edit a message from a Mailer-Daemon who complained that your mail wasn't posted for some reason or another. In this case, use M-e (mh-extract-rejected-mail) to prepare the message for editing by removing the Mailer-Daemon envelope and unneeded header fields. Fix whatever addressing problem you had, and send the message again with C-c C-c.

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