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Chapter 1: Overview of Viper

Viper is a Vi emulation on top of Emacs. At the same time, Viper provides a virtually unrestricted access to Emacs facilities. Perfect compatibility with Vi is possible but not desirable. This chapter tells you about the Emacs ideas that you should know about, how to use Viper within Emacs and some incompatibilities.

Viper was formerly known as VIP-19, which was a descendant of VIP 3.5 by Masahiko Sato and VIP 4.4 by Aamod Sane.

  • Emacs Preliminaries Basic concepts in Emacs.
  • Loading Viper Loading and Preliminary Configuration.
  • States in Viper Viper has four states orthogonal to Emacs modes.
  • The Minibuffer Command line in Emacs.
  • Multiple Files in Viper True multiple file handling.
  • Unimplemented Features That are unlikely to be implemented.
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