VM User's Manual. Node: Forwarding Messages

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5.3: Forwarding Messages

VM has three commands to forward messages: z (vm-forward-message), @ (vm-send-digest) and B (vm-resend-message).

Typing z puts you into a VM Mail mode buffer just like m, except the current message appears as the body of the message in the VM Mail mode buffer. The forwarded message encapsulated as specified by the variable vm-forwarding-digest-type. Recognized values are `"rfc934"', `"rfc1153"' and `"mime"'. If the variable vm-forwarding-subject-format is non-nil it should specify the format of the Subject header of the forwarded message. A nil value causes the Subject header to be left blank. The forwarded message is flagged ``forwarded'' when the message is sent. The command @ (vm-send-digest) works like z except that a digest of all the messages in the current folder is made and inserted into the VM Mail mode buffer. Also, vm-send-digest can be applied to just marked messages. See Message Marks. When applied to marked messages, vm-send-digest will only bundle marked messages, as opposed to the usual bundling of all messages in the current folder. The message encapsulation method is specified by the variable vm-digest-send-type, which accepts the same values as vm-forwarding-digest-type. All the messages included in the digest will be flagged ``forwarded'' when the digest message is sent.

If you give vm-send-digest a prefix argument, VM will insert a list of preamble lines at the beginning of the digest, one line per digestified message. The variable vm-digest-preamble-format determines the format of the preamble lines. If the value of vm-digest-center-preamble is non-nil, the preamble lines will be centered.

If you wish to forward a message and want to send it without the encapsulation used by vm-forward-message, use B (vm-resend-message). Instead of encapsulating the message, VM will use essentially the same message and headers and add a Resent-To header that you should fill in with the new recipients. Use C-c C-c as usual to send the message. The resent message will be flagged as ``redistributed''.

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