Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 14:04:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jin Chen 
To: Guo-Yong Fu 
Subject: RE: comparison between version 3.9 and 3.10

Hi Guoyong,

As we talked about yesterday to check the implementation of poisNeuman, I made changes according to 3.9, 3.10,
and m3d_9-30-06.tgz (Linda's) as well. The new version was given to Josh yesterday and he told me it works and
produces the same result (good) as before. So I personally think this part of work is done.

For Linda...
Hi Linda,

I remember you talked about this before:
m3dp, m3dp_fsymm, m3dp_fsymm_opt produced different results.
   I checked the implementation of corresponding slovers (poissc.c,
   poissc_fsymm.c, and poissc_fsymm_opt.c) and I found their
   implementations are different. That's how the differences came
   Then I changed poissc_fsymm.c and poissc_fsymm_opt.c according
   to the correct poissc.c (dated by yesterday). Now they all produce
   the very simular results using gmres/ilu as the common solvers.
   Please check the following numbers:

 ncy,tim,dt=  10 650.19999999995639 2.00000000000000004E-2
  g 5.99306404943192143E-3 2.8574373322053303E-11 7.89595002862425552E-6
 -4.46636594627447227E-8 -2.27629585422369407E-5 1.233974894998539
 p,pe 3.78154268835922326E-5 0.E+0
 F,lapF,si=  -1.85908127074577304E-9 1.29916757406525922E-7 -2.81830986615972745E-3
 chib,lap,y=  -4.46636594627447227E-8 -2.40152532608343229E-6 1.37546264673087993E-7

 ncy,tim,dt=  10 650.19999999995639 2.00000000000000004E-2
  g 5.9842524587005539E-3 2.85747382626055003E-11 7.89246092049707699E-6
 -4.45655512487764644E-8 -2.27631189746820371E-5 1.2339748960709114
 p,pe 3.7815426933910069E-5 0.E+0
 F,lapF,si=  -1.85448725278635027E-9 1.29918965659877251E-7 -2.81830999643064434E-3
 chib,lap,y=  -4.45655512487764644E-8 -2.40183059130962075E-6 1.37449354406897438E-7

 ncy,tim,dt=  10 650.19999999995639 2.00000000000000004E-2
  g 5.98425241322560371E-3 2.8574738262361915E-11 7.89246091983336569E-6
 -4.45655512452066441E-8 -2.27631189747748245E-5 1.2339748960709116
 p,pe 3.78154269339100622E-5 0.E+0
 F,lapF,si=  -1.85448725498485737E-9 1.29918965831581788E-7 -2.81830999643132608E-3
 chib,lap,y=  -4.45655512452066441E-8 -2.40183059193553998E-6 1.3744935633635993E-7

   The only differences are
  g 5.99306404943192143E-3  for m3dp.x
  g 5.9842524587005539E-3   for m3dp_fsymm.x
  g 5.98425241322560371E-3  for m3dp_fsymm_opt.x

Please let me know if you want the code after you come back.