Gets the matrix associated with the linear system and a (possibly) different one associated with the preconditioner.


#include "petscksp.h" 
PetscErrorCode PETSCKSP_DLLEXPORT KSPGetOperators(KSP ksp,Mat *Amat,Mat *Pmat,MatStructure *flag)
Collective on KSP and Mat

Input Parameter

ksp -the KSP context

Output Parameters

Amat - the matrix associated with the linear system
Pmat - the matrix to be used in constructing the preconditioner, usually the same as Amat.
flag - flag indicating information about the preconditioner matrix structure during successive linear solves. This flag is ignored the first time a linear system is solved, and thus is irrelevant when solving just one linear system.


KSP, set, get, operators, matrix, preconditioner, linear system

See Also

KSPSolve(), KSPGetPC(), PCGetOperators(), PCSetOperators(), KSPSetOperators(), KSPGetOperatorsSet()

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