Overview of Csagrid procedures

The table below summarizes all of the procedures in Csagrid for the three user interfaces: Clicking on the procedure name in the tables below will link to a detailed description of that procedure.

  One-dimensional input:
    CSA1S   - simple entry
    CSA1XS  - expanded entry

  Two-dimensional input:
    CSA2S   - simple entry, gridded output
    CSA2XS  - expanded entry, gridded output
    CSA2LS  - simple entry, list output
    CSA2LXS - expanded entry, list output

  Three-dimensional input:
    CSA3S   - simple entry, gridded output
    CSA3XS  - expanded entry, gridded output
    CSA3LS  - simple entry, list output.
    CSA3LXS - expanded entry, list output.


  One-dimensional input:
    c_csa1s   - simple entry
    c_csa1xs  - expanded entry

  Two-dimensional input:
    c_csa2s   - simple entry, gridded output
    c_csa2xs  - expanded entry, gridded output
    c_csa2ls  - simple entry, list output
    c_csa2lxs - expanded entry, list output

  Three-dimensional input:
    c_csa3s   - simple entry, gridded output
    c_csa3xs  - expanded entry, gridded output
    c_csa3ls  - simple entry, list output
    c_csa3lxs - expanded entry, list output


  One-dimensional input:
    csa1s   - simple entry
    csa1xs  - expanded entry

  Two-dimensional input:
    csa2s   - simple entry, gridded output
    csa2xs  - expanded entry, gridded output
    csa2ls  - simple entry, list output
    csa2lxs - expanded entry, list output

  Three-dimensional input:
    csa3s   - simple entry, gridded output
    csa3xs  - expanded entry, gridded output
    csa3ls  - simple entry, list output
    csa3lxs - expanded entry, list output

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