Basic example 7

How to select a workstation device

This is an introductory example that shows how to create three simultaneous workstations. The example draws a TextItem object into an NCGM, PostScript, and X11 workstation. The TextItem output states which type of workstation it is being drawn into.


This module describes how to draw a plot object into a X11 window, an NCGM file, and a PostScript file. The example creates three simultaneous workstations, and then draws a TextItem object that specifies the type of output device into each workstation. A resource file, basic07.res, defines the output text strings' value, size, font, and color.

A detailed discussion about how to create the plot appears in the comments of the source code for the example.

Creating the plot using HLU C library calls

The C program that generates this plot is called basic07c.c.

Creating the plot using HLU FORTRAN library calls

The FORTRAN program that generates this plot is called basic07f.f.

Creating the plot using NCL

The NCL script that generates this plot is called basic07n.ncl.

The data

No external data is used for this plot.

How to run this example

The examples are installed in the following locations:

You can copy this example and run it by typing "ng4ex basic07f", "ng4ex basic07c", or "ng4ex basic07n". A copy of the source file will be placed in your current working directory, compiled, and automatically run for you.

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