Transformation class

The Transformation classes manage forward and reverse transformations for the Transform classes.


Header file:		ncarg/hlu/Transformation.h
Class name:		transformationClass
Class pointer:		<Not referenceable>
Fortran class function:	<Not referenceable>
Superclass:		Obj
Composite classes:	<None>


Local resources

|		Transformation Resource Set			|
| trXMinF                       NhlTFloat               RCSG    |
|       TrXMinF                         0.0                     |
| trXMaxF                       NhlTFloat               RCSG    |
|       TrXMaxF                         1.0                     |
| trXReverse                    NhlTBoolean             RCSG    |
|       TrXReverse                      False                   |
| trYMinF                       NhlTFloat               RCSG    |
|       TrYMinF                         0.0                     |
| trYMaxF                       NhlTFloat               RCSG    |
|       TrYMaxF                         1.0                     |
| trYReverse                    NhlTBoolean             RCSG    |
|       TrYReverse                      False                   |
| trLineInterpolationOn         NhlTBoolean             RCSG    |
|       TrLineInterpolationOn           False                   |

Composite resources

The Transformation object class has no composite class resources.

Superclass resources

The superclass of the Transformation object class does not define any resources.


Transformation class objects perform forward and reverse transformations between data and NDC space for objects belonging to Transform class. You do not instantiate any of these objects directly. Rather, Transform class objects create them as needed, and provide controlled access to their resources.

The Transformation class is never itself instantiated. However, it does provide some basic resources that its subclasses may use to specify the extent and direction of the data space. Currently there are three subclasses of the Transformation class:

Support functions

There are no special support functions defined for the Transformation class or its superclass.

Status notes

1. When line interpolation is turned on, the quality of the interpolation into data space is not always very good, particularly for log plots.

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