View class resource descriptions

vpXF specifies the location of left edge of the View object's bounding box in NDC space.

Default: 0.2

vpYF specifies the location of top edge of the View object's bounding box in NDC space.

Default: 0.8

vpWidthF specifies the width of View object's bounding box in NDC units.

Default: 0.6

vpHeightF specifies the height of View object's bounding box in NDC units.

Default: 0.6

Set vpOn False to disable the Draw method of a View object. When its Draw method is disabled, the view, its View class children, its overlays, and its added annotations do not appear on the workstation when a Draw is executed.

Default: True

While the boolean resource vpKeepAspect is True, the View object keeps its initial shape (aspect ratio); however you may modify its size resources. If you modify either or both the size resources, vpWidthF and vpHeightF, View will constrain its new bounding box to the largest box with an aspect ratio matching the original shape that can be inscribed within a box of the specified size. When vpKeepAspect is False, View places no constraints on the shape of its bounding box when you modify the size resources.

Default: False

When the boolean resource vpUseSegments is set True for a View class object, the object will, if it is able, create a segment and draw into it while it draws to the designated Workstation object. The segment is stored as a file, and contains the low-level commands required to re-create the object, possibly with transformations to the position, size, or shape applied. When you next draw the object, assuming none of the object's resources other than vpXF, vpYF, vpWidthF, or vpHeightF have been modified, it will recreate its image based on information stored in the segment. Using segments can substantially shorten the time required to perform a draw when the plot contains elements, such as filled maps, that require considerable computation to generate initially. Note that because the transformations differ slightly, a segment drawn at a different size from the size at which it was created may not match in every detail the plot resulting from a new draw of the object at that size.

Default: False

If the View object is currently functioning as an external annotation of a Plot Object, this read-only resource contains the id of the AnnoManager object used to manage the View object's location and size. If the View object is not currently an annotation, the value of the resource is set to NullObjId (0).

Default: False

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