This function is used to add one or more additional data items to a plot. (See NhlAddData.)


	function NhlAddData( 
		dcomms[*] : graphic,
		res_name[1] : string,
		data_items[*] : graphic


One or more DataComm instances.
A single-dimension string resource name to assign the data_item values to.
One or more DataItem instances to be added to each of the objects in the dcomms array.


The NhlAddData function works like its HLU counterpart, with the following exceptions. One or more DataComm instances can be assigned data during a single call, and one or more DataItem instances can be assigned to each element of the dcomms array. Note that only one resource name is used, so all objects in the dcomms array must accept the same resource. The return value is a multi-dimensional array of references to data-specific objects created by the add data call. The output is dimensioned m x n, where m is the dimension size of dcomms, and n is the dimension size of data_items.

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