This function is used retrieve the bounding boxes of a list of HLU input objects. (See NhlGetBB.)


	function NhlGetBB( 


List of HLU View instances from which bounding boxes are requested.


The HLU version of this returns a data structure containing the top, bottom, left, and right NDC units of a View instance. In NCL, this function returns an array of the four coordinates. Index 0 contains the top coordinate, 1 contains the bottom, 2 contains the left, and 3 contains the right. If more than one View instance is passed in in the objs array. The return array is dimensioned [n]x[4] where n is the number of View instances in the objs parameter. If any element of the objs parameter is not a valid plot, the four bounding box elements associated with its index will be assigned the integer default missing value.

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