This function is used to read in binary files that have been written using the C block I/O function write.


	function cbinread( 


Path needed to locate binary file.
An array specifying the dimensions of the data to be read or the value -1.
A string representing the type of the data being read.


The cbinread function is used to read in binary data. The data must be read on the same architecture machine as it was written. If the dimensions specified specify a size less than the total file size, only the first n bytes of the file will be read in, where n is the product of the dimensions times the size of the specified type. If the size implied by the dimension sizes is greater than the file size, then the remaining space in the returned value is padded with the default missing value for the specified type. In both of these cases, warnings are printed. Note there is no way for NCL to determine if the type of file and the datatype parameter represent the same type. If the value of -1 is used for dimensions then the entire file is read into a single dimension variable with a dimension length equal to the number of elements in the file.

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