This function reads records written by Fortran code that opened the file with 'access=direct'.

All records in the file must be the same dimensionality and type.


	function fbindirread(
		path [1] : string,
		rec_num [1] : integer,
		dims [*] : integer,
		type [1] : string


pathname to binary file
record number to read from the file beginning at 0
a singly dimensioned array of integer values that describe how to shape the data, or -1 if the size of the record is unknown.
string name of the data type of the record.


fbindirread reads the rec_num record of the file path and shapes it according to the dimension sizes specified in the dims parameter. The data type of the record is specified by the parameter type. If the size and dimensionality of the record are unknown, the value -1 can be used for parameter dims. In this case fbindirread will read in the entire record as a singly dimensioned array.

All records in the file must have the same dimensions and must be the same type.


  path = "/dummy/file"
  nrec = 5
  dims = (/10,30/)
  x = fbindirread(path,nrec,dims,"float")
This will read the 6th record from "/dummy/file" and return a two-dimensional [10 by 30] variable of type float to the variable "x".

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