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Sample test cases

Four test cases were prepared for testing of the GLF23 model. These cases were constructed using data for the low tex2html_wrap_inline561 DIII-D discharge #82205 taken from the ITER Profile Database. The input file in-1 calls the original model and gives the profile information at 4 radial points around tex2html_wrap_inline563 with tex2html_wrap_inline275 shear turned off and Shafranov-shift (tex2html_wrap_inline273) stabilization turned on. Given below is the output from the first test case. The second input file in-2 is the same except that tex2html_wrap_inline275 shear stabilization is turned on in the model using the circular formula given in original Phys. Plasmas paper by Waltz, et al. [1]. The third input file in-3 is for the original GLF23 model with real geometry tex2html_wrap_inline275 shear and a multiplier of 0.6. The fourth input file in-4 is the same as in the third test case only using the retuned GLF23 model (iglf=1) with tex2html_wrap_inline393.


Thu Feb 20 11:20:39 EST 2003