Matrix Global Functions

o average0
Average along rows.
o average1
Average along columns.
o sum0
Sum along rows.
o sum1
Sum along columns.
o stretch0
Stretch vertically, along rows.
o stretch1
Stretch horizontally, along columns.
o min
Get the minimum element.
o max
Get the maximum element.
o min
Minimum of a matrix and a scalar.
o max
Maximum of a matrix and a scalar.
o min
Minimum of two matrices.
o max
Maximum of two matrices.
o MatMult
Matrix-matrix multiplication.
o MatMult
Matrix-vector multiplication.
o MatMult
Vector-matrix multiplication.
o MatMult
Matrix-matrix-matrix multiplication.
o operator*
Elementwise multiplication.
o operator/
Elementwise division by a scalar.
o operator/
Divide each element of "a" by "f"
o operator/
Elementwise division.
o sin
Apply function sin to each element.
o cos
Apply function cos to each element.
o tan
Apply function tan to each element.
o asin
Apply function asin to each element.
o acos
Apply function acos to each element.
o atan
Apply function atan to each element.
o exp
Apply function exp to each element.
o log
Apply function log to each element.
o sqrt
Apply function sqrt to each element.
o abs
Apply function abs to each element.
o pow
Apply function pow to each element.
o pow
Apply function pow to each element.
These are global functions operating on or generating matrices.

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