subroutine i2mex_init (label, nt1, ns, t, psi, p, g, q, x, z, ier)

    Initialization and memory allocation. Construct the set of primitive

    equilibrium data, given a plasma equilibrium in terms of

    the poloidal flux [Wb/Rad], the pressure [Tesla^2], the covariant

    toroidal field profile g [T*m], the safety factor profile q and a

    set of ns nested flux surfaces (x, z) with nt1 poloidal points.


    Under some circumstances, the input data


    ier: Error flag (=0 is ok)

character*(*), intent(in) :: label

integer, intent(inout) :: nt1, ns

real(i2mex_r8), intent(inout) :: t(nt1)

real(i2mex_r8), intent(inout) :: psi(ns), p(ns), g(ns), q(ns)

real(i2mex_r8), intent(inout) :: x(nt1, ns), z(nt1, ns)

integer, intent(out) :: ier

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