subroutine i2mex_poloidalRemap (mx, npsi, kb, nt1, ns, the, psi, g, x, z, ier)

    Poloidal regridding according to prescribed Jacobian dependence

    J ~ x^mx /(|grad psi|^npsi B^kb).


    This a convenience routine typically used to remap the equilibrium onto

    a grid with a different Jacobian dependence in x, |grad psi| and

    the magnetic field B. Some codes will require a specific dependence,

    among which


    mx npsi kb

    2 0 0 PEST1 coordinates

    1 1 0 Equal Arc

    0 0 0 Hamada

    0 0 2 Boozer


    are popular choices. For accuracy, the optimal choice may be equal-arc

    as it prevents excessive bending of the poloidal rays on the outer board.


    *NOTE* This routine does not rely on a XPLASMA/I2MEX representation.

    It should typically be used BEFORE initializing the i2mex object.

integer, parameter :: r8 = selected_real_kind(12,100)

integer, intent(in) :: mx, npsi, kb     the exponents entering the Jacobian

integer, intent(in) :: nt1, ns     the poloidal/radial grid sizes

real(r8), intent(in) :: the(nt1), psi(ns)     the poloidal [rad] and radial [Wb/rad] grids

real(r8), intent(in) :: g(ns)     the covariant toroidal B function (Btor*X)

real(r8), intent(inout) :: x(nt1, ns), z(nt1,ns)     old and new grid arrays

integer, intent(out) :: ier     error flag

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