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Card 17 - Splined current profile function(tex2html_wrap_inline639)

Current profile is actually the profile of the ratio of the flux surface averaged quantities tex2html_wrap_inline645= tex2html_wrap_inline647. The normalizations that follow in this card are typically with respect to the on axis current required to meet the desired q value on axis, CZERO, specified in Card 3.

CPNAA - Current profile normalized amplitude on axis. CPNSA - Current profile normalized slope (first derivative) on axis. CPNAC - Current profile normalized amplitude at CPPSNC. CPNSC - Current profile normalized slope in central region. CPNAE - Current profile normalized amplitude at edge. CPNSE - Current profile normalized slope at edge. CPPSNC - Current profile tex2html_wrap_inline639 at which the current profile central amplitude and slope are determined.

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