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Warm start capability

Many applications involve running an equilibrium code many times while slightly varying some parameter. It is appropriate in this case to use the warm-start capability to accelerate the numerical convergence. A warm-start can be achieved by setting NDOUB to a negative value (e.g. -1) in the initialization call,

	CALL jsoInit(MN, -1, ISYM)
In this case the input values of PSIBAR0, X and Z are used as ``first guess.'' There is no mesh doubling associated with warm-starts. The sizes of X and Z arrays are therefore NTHEP*NPSI and must be pre-allocated, with

NTHEP = (ISYM-1)*(2**MN + ISYM) + 1 - 2*ISYM


NPSI = 2**MN + 1.

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