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Additional tools

Interpolation onto an arbitrary mesh can be achieved using interface routines to the PSPLINE library developed by D. McCune.

For a set of one-dimensional arrays (S, F) of sizes N that need to be interpolated using cubic splines onto a grid SI of size NI, the interpolation call is:

	CALL jsoInterp1d(N, S, F, NI, SI, FI)
where FI is the output set of interpolated data at the SIs. Similarly there is a two-dimensional interpolation routine,
	CALL jsoInterp2d(NT, NS, T, S, F, NTI, NSI, TI, SI, FI)
to interpolate an NT times NS array F -- a function of NT poloidal grid points T and NS radial surface indexed by S -- onto a new grid (SI, TI) of size NTI times NSI. The routine returns FI, an NTI times NSI matrix. Periodic boundary conditions are assumed in T with neighboring poloidal points contiguous in memory.

Figure: Interpolation of 65 times 64 arrays X and Z onto a 65 times 5 grid using the jsoInterp2d routine.  

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