The Lower hybrid Simulation Code LSC was originally written as a subroutine to the Toroidal Simulation Code TSC (Jardin, Pomphrey, Kessel, et al) and subsequently ported to a subroutine of TRANSP. Modifications to simplify the use of the LSC both as a callable module, and also independently of larger transport codes, and improve the documentation have been undertaken with the goal of installing LSC in the NTCC library. The physical model, which includes ray tracing from a Brambilla spectrum, 1D Fokker-Planck development of the electron distribution, the Karney-Fisch treatment of the electric field, heuristic diffusion of current and power and wall scattering, has not been changed. The computational approach is to suppress or remove from the control of the user numerical parameters such as step size and number of iterations while changing some code to be extremely stable in varied conditions. Essential graphics are now output as gnuplot commands and data for off-line post processing, but the original outputs to sglib are retained as an option.