TORAY Abstract

The TORAY ray tracing code computes contributions to electron cyclotron heating (ECH) and RF current-drive (ECCD) sources. Plasma heating and non-inductive current generation by injection of electromagnetic waves in the electron cyclotron frequency range (ECH and ECCD) has been considered an important tool in fusion research. Version 1.60 of the TORAY ECH/ECCD code is written in Fortan 90 and no longer requires any preprocessing to handle precision issues. TORAY now includes the recently developed ECCD module by Y.R. Lin-Liu which includes an adjoint formulation with collisionality correction factors that reduce the trapped electron fraction and increase the current drive efficiency. Other revisions include improving the power integration along the arc length, the addition of an aspect ratio dependence in the J/P current drive efficiency, and an improved evaluation of the poloidal angle used to calculate the local value of the major radius.

Last modified: Mon Apr 26 18:04:17 EDT 2004