The trdatbuf_lib is a collection of modules and routines which allows a callable interface to experimental data which is input to TRANSP, without recourse to "trcom", TRANSP internal data structures. It was developed to provide other codes access to the same data as seen by TRANSP.
The trdatbuf_lib imports data from the Physics Data File "PH.CDF" produced by the TRANSP preprocessing program TRDAT. Normally, TRDAT runs automatically in the course of a TRANSP batch job, processing the experimental data (Ufiles and/or MDS+ files) and produces the Physics Data File as an intermediate file which is read by TRANSP itself and archived. The archived Physics Data File PH.CDF is now retrievable for access by other codes.
The physics data is loaded into a "trdatbuf" object (data structure). This is done by making a call to a routine to load the object, which takes as an argument a file path to the Physics Data File. Once this is done, the data becomes accessible via the trdatbuf_lib library applications programming interface.
The types of data which can be accessed using trdatbuf_lib fall into several general catagories, each with their own methods of access:

	1D Data types - f(t)
	2D Data types - f(x,t)
	Neutral Beam Data (powers, voltages, energy fractions vs. time)
	RF Antenna Data (e.g. powers, frequencies vs. time)
	MHD Equilibrium Moments Data (ie fourier harmonics of plasma boundary or entire equilibrium) vs. time.
All data types, including time series data types, are identified by three character "trigraphs", consistant with the identification used for Ufiles.

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