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SQL commands

SQL provides an entire system of routines for accessing and maintaining tables in a database. Some operations, such as defining views, perusing database catalogs, defining user access, etc. can be useful in the course of a LOCUS session. You can execute SQL commands from the main options menu. Some examples that you may find useful are:

    SELECT DISTINCT radius FROM xp288_rel
    SELECT MAX(wshot) FROM waveftftr
    SELECT COUNT(wshot) FROM waveftftr WHERE wshot>62000
    DROP TABLE xtescalnew
    SELECT * FROM tescal a, tok b WHERE a.shot=b.shot and tokamak='TFTR'
    SELECT time,AVG(ne) FROM gp8840 GROUP BY time
where the SQL keywords are shown in uppercase. See the INGRES SQL Reference Manual[4] for more information. Note that the DROP TABLE command actually deletes the table from the database, so use it with caution!

Marilee Thompson
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