Effect of non-zero theta_0 on threshold for NTP test case

Oct 20, 1997

This a correction to my previous posting on the threshold for the NTP test case with epsilon=0. I was only looking at theta_0=0, which is usually the most unstable. For the NTP test case parameters near threshold, however, the most unstable mode has theta_0=1.2. (I believe this is due to the rather large shear, s=1.5.) Including non-zero theta_0's lowers R/L_Tcrit, as shown below.

This changes the GF and kinetic values of R/L_Tcrit, but the thesis closure GF R/L_Tcrit is still within 20% of the kinetic R/L_Tcrit.

These modes are automatically included in the NL results, so this only changes the calculation of the linear R/L_Tcrit. I believe that these modes are also automatically included in Andris's linear results.


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