Numerical Python

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Contact: Paul F. Dubois, 925-422-5426

See the general ../INSTALL.htm for compilation/installation notes.

Change History

The change history is in ../Release_Notes.htm.

To-Do List (Suggestions welcomed.)

  1. Add a Fortran interface to the API: This is to allow interfacing to Fortran libraries without transposing 2+ dimensional arrays. Current thinking is to add some new functions to the API: PyFortranArray_FromDims, etc., which are a thin wrapper around their non-Fortran counterparts.
  2. Add the ability to handle ``missing'' values. Paul Dubois is working on such a package.
  3. Modify to incorporate K. Hinsen's changes in umathmodule.c: The two .c files are designed to be generated from this python script. Hinsen made changes before he was aware of We need to back those changes into the script.  (The file umathops is not distributed).
  4. Put PyFPE_START_PROTECT and PyFPE_END_PROTECT macros around "dangerous" sections of code in NumPy: Python-1.5 has standardized a method to handle IEEE floating point exceptions. In order to use the method, extensions need to protect sections where exceptions may occur. See Include/pyfpe.h for details.
  5. Normalize the formatting of the C source code in NumPy to ease reading and editing by human beings: 80 character lines, etc.
  6. Add support for one-bit arrays. [da]
  7. Make sure all appropriate functions support typecode argument (e.g. identity). [da]
  8. Allow comparison of NumPy arrays of PyObjects. See patches at for an old try. (David Ascher)