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3.2 Instantiation of a Narcisse Plotter Object

Calling Sequence

import Nar
pl2 = Nar.Plotter ( [filename])


Remember that Narcisse is different from Gist, in that a PyGist Plotter, when instantiated, creates its own Xwindow. A PyNarcisse Plotter expects to find a Narcisse process already running. The filename argument and/or certain environment variables are used to tell PyNarcisse where to look for this process. To refresh your mind on how to fire up a Narcisse process, see Section 1.2 "Using the Python Graphics Interface" on page 2.

Use the filename variable to specify the location of the Narcisse process to which you wish to connect. This is absolutely essential if you wish to connect to a Narcisse process on a remote machine. The form of a filename is:


where machine is the IP address, e. g., allaria.llnl.gov:0.0; port_serveur is the server port number shown on the Narcisse GUI; and user is your userid.

If filename is blank or missing, then PyNarcisse looks first for the environment variable DEST_SP3. If it exists, then it should specify the destination in the same format as given above, and this specifies the Narcisse to which connection will be made. If it does not exist, then PyNarcisse next looks at the environment variable PORT_SERVEUR. If this variable is defined, then it looks on the current machine for a Narcisse with that port number. If PyNarcisse is unsuccessful in finding a Narcisse process to which to connect, it goes into a tight loop, repeatedly printing an error message.

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