FusionGridCertificateManager server internals

o Logging into blackbird.pppl.gov (aka cert.fusiongrid.org)

  Must be on SecurID list for blackbird.pppl.gov
  (Verify with Lena Scimeca)
  Now is sysadmin netgroup plus Rob Andre

  Must have local accounts,
  Currently; randerso, cpugh, randre, ludesche, kying

  Must be in /root/.k5login and /fgcm/.k5login
  Must be in sysadmin group or in /var/spool/PBS/users
  Must be in sysadmin group or in /etc/cron.allow

o Cron jobs

    Backs up  database info from roam.fusiongrid.org
    2/10 * * * * Runs loadCert.py
    11 1 * * * Synchonizes /var/myproxy with roam.fusiongrid.org
    0 2 * * *  Checks for user certificate renewal mail from doegrids
    0-59 * * * * Makes local backup of myproxy

o /etc/init.d files

o Location of proxy files


o Location of http info


o Location of X509 info


o Location of ssl info

o Location of mailbox info

  /var/cgi-bin/renewalMail.py   imaplib.IMAP4_SSL('mail.pppl.gov')
  /var/cgi-bin/renewalMail.py   i.login('fgcm', ... )
  /var/cgi-bin/loadCert.py      imaplib.IMAP4_SSL( 'mail.pppl.gov' 
  /var/cgi-bin/loadCert.py      i.login('fgcm', ... )
o Location of mail info

  /var/spool/cron/fgcm          fusiongrid_support@pppl.gov
  /var/www/html/CertReqForm.html    FusionGridRA@pppl.gov
  /var/www/html/CertReqForm.html    lranderson@pppl.gov
  /var/www/html/fusionFooter.html   fusiongrid_support@pppl.gov
  /var/www/html/FusionGrid/FusionGridCAs.html  dmccune@pppl.gov
  /var/www/html/FusionGrid/FusionGridCAs.html  schissel@gat.com
  /var/www/html/FusionGrid/FusionGridCAs.html  g@psfc.mit.edu
  /var/www/html/FusionGrid/index.html          lranderson@pppl.gov
  /var/www/html/FusionGrid/SelfManagement.html lranderson@pppl.gov
  /var/cgi-bin/*.py             FGCM@cert.fusiongrid.org