Brief HOWTOs

o Acting on a user FusionGrid certificate request
  that you received as a FusionGrid RA

  - Make sure Doug has heard of user
  - Make sure has valid pppl unix account
  - Click on url in letter
  - Accept certificate
  - Wait upto twenty minutes 

  - Pick a pshr0### account
  - Update Comment field and Shell field of this account
  - In
  - Logon to
    -- Click on Administer Resource for TRANSP
    -- Click on Add New and select user
    -- ...
    -- Back on Resource Permissions for TRANSP page
       File user's Auxilliary field
o Updating the host certificate

  - Assuming you are a "Grid Admin"
    Using a browser with your certificate, 
     Enter page
     Click on "Grid Admin 
     Cut and paste contents of 
       into Request box
     Fill out rest of form
    Should get instant response

  - Cat and paste Base 64 encoded certificate into

  - Restart httpd on blackbird

  - Maybe remind Tom Fredian at MIT about

o Updating the host certificate

  - Same as above except location is a little tricky

    On portal

  - I have been doing the following
    Become user "globus" and use files in 
    to get new certificate

  - Then copy to