NTCC software for PPPL

  1. Website

    The CPPG Website, http://w3.pppl.gov/cppg/, under Software
    describes what compilers/platforms we support, for Version "xshare" and Version "tshare = swim".

  2. Binaries

    Binaries are copies of xshare & tshare "$LOCAL".
    They are automatically updated via nightly cronjobs run on transpgrid as user xshare.
    The cronjob scripts are in transp svn: $TRANSPROOT/ntcc/update_ntcc & update_ntcc_tshare

    ntcc xshare version binaries are in:
    ntcc tshare versions are in:
  3. Module files (for module load)
    1. Module files for ntcc are in the appropriate compiler/version directories:
    2. Module files for swim (which loads the appropriate compiler) are in: