Lower Hybrid Simulation Code (LSC)
National Transport Code Collaboration (NTCC) Project
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A brief description of the ``Lower hybrid Simulation Code'' LSC, including a link to the pdf version of the manual, may be found on the TOPDAC home page.

The source code, help for a Makefile, an example case, a README and comprerssed archive files (.tar.gz) of the the manual will be maintained at the present web site. Please see this lsc subdirectory, or the non-compressed html version of the manual.

The starting page for the ``National Transport Code Collaboration'' NTCC may be found here.

The starting page for the ``Toroidal Physics Design and Analysis Codes'' TOPDAC may be found here.

Recent progress regarding LSC is described in the Poster Paper at the October 2000 APS Meeting and in this short report .

Recent work using LSC has been reported in the Nuclear Fusion issue of November 2000 by Dr Myunghee Ju of KSTAR (presently at Tore Supra).

Last updated:
16 April 2003