Guidelines for Packaging NTCC Modules

Guidance for Makefiles:

Guidance for Naming Conventions:

To avoid potential name conflicts of public f90 modules and public header files between various packages, follow these conventions:

file type name destination usage
header <name>.h <PREFIX>/include/<package> #include "<package>/<name>.h"
-I <PREFIX>/include
f90 module <package>_<name> <PREFIX>/mod USE <package>_<name>
library lib<name>.a <PREFIX>/lib -L<PREFIX>/lib -l<package>
executable <name> <PREFIX>/bin add to PATH
script <name> <PREFIX>/etc add to PATH

Example: package xyz produces library libxyz.a and contains f90 module xyz_aaa and headerfile xxx.h
When installed in PREFIX=$HOME
usage would be:

in fortran source:
#include "xyz/xxx.h"
      USE xyz_AAA

compiler flags: -M$HOME/mod -I$HOME/include
linker flags:   -L$HOME/lib -lxyz
Note: -M is vendor dependent and could be -p or -I.

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