Summary and Action Items



  • resolve difference in linear growth rates
  • conditions for stochasticity
  • Compare individual mode amplitudes
  • look at the q_0 = 0.9 case
  • evolve q to look at the onset

    Energetic Particle

  • complete linear benchmark of fishbone
  • FIRE or ITER benchmark of energetic particle stabilization and comparison with Porcelli Model


  • Strauss and Jardin to define a standard ITER problem

    Summary of New Results

  • TAE modes in NSTX
  • Effect of Parallel conductivity on tearing mode
  • strong flow effects on stability
  • 2-fluid stabilization of ballooning modes in stellarators


    Next Meeting will be in conjunction with the Sherwood Conference 2003, on 27 April 2003 from 2:00 - 6:00:



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