CEMM Meeting 30 October 2016

San Jose, CA

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Glasser: Recent Progress on the DCON Code

J. King: Nonlinear modeling of DIII-D QH-mode discharges and comparison to observations

I. Krebs: A self-sustaining mechanism that prevents tokamak plasmas from sawtoothing

Ramos: Stability criteria for kinetic magnetohydrodynamics

Lyons: Effect of rotation zero-crossings on single-fluid plasma resonce to 3D magnetic perturbations

Callen: ELM-crash induced RMP. ELM suppression in DIII-D -- lessons for CEMM

Ferraro: New Developments and Future Directions of M3D-C1

Pfefferle: VDE modeling with M3D-C1

Breslau: Status of the M3D-C1 hybrid kinetic energetic ion module

Beidler: Visco-Resistive MHD Modeling Behchmark of Forced Magnetic Reconnection

Held Kinetic MHD in NIMROD

Strauss: JET disruption sand runaway electron imulations

Sovinec: Disruption related NIMROD activities

Izzo: Disruption mitigation modeling and SCREAM related plans


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