The diversity of plasma astrophysics, and the participation of manyindividual investigators scattered in different adjacent areas, can eclipse the unity of the field, the commonality of the physics problems, and the many opportunities for new scientific discovery. Although there are many examples of fruitful collaborations on some areas of plasma astrophysics, there is much to be gained by a more unified exploration and articulation of scientific opportunities. This workshop is intended to expand beyond traditional meetings which tend to focus on a subset of areas within plasma astrophysics.

The workshop has the following goals
  • To generate, explore, and articulate specific new experimental, observational, theoretical and computational opportunities
  • To explore and articulate commonalities and synergies between different opportunities
  • To articulate a unified set of major challenges and potential research steps to resolve those challenges, reasonably spanning the full breadth of the field.
A concise report will be generated as a result of this workshop, of use to the plasma astrophysics community, but also mostly understandable to the general physical scientist. This report is distinguished from previous reports or the forthcoming reports from ongoing activities that included plasma astrophysics only as a small part of a larger study, although these reports will serve as one of our input sources.

Last update: November 14, 2009